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0000107Kalkules[All Projects] Feature requestpublic2015-12-27 17:342015-12-27 17:34
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0000107: More programming functions
Hi, thanks for adding AND, OR and XOR operations, but there could be some more improvements: it would be nice if you could implement bit operations, for example X >> 1 (shift right by 1 digit). Sure, they can be calculated by multiplying / dividing, but it would be a lot more convenient. I would suggest normal bit shift, rotating shift. For the latter it would be necessary to indicate number of digits in a word (8 bit, 16 bit, etc.).

Also, it would be convenient to see binary / hex / dec numbers on display at the same time (or at least have 2 adjustable fields on display). The display is quite big for this purpose. A good example is [^]

Thanks in advance
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