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0000127: Faulty differentiation of the function (x^2+2x+1)/(x^2+3)
differentiation of the function (x^2+2x+1)/(x^2+3)
gives in first attempt a red error-message
the function is changed to: ((x^2)+2x+1)/((x^2)+3)
result of the differentiation is: (*(2*x+2)*(x^2+3)-(x^2+2*x+1)*2*x)/(x^2+3)^2 and can't be used for further calculations for the start with (*(...
all further attempts result in faulty: (2*x+2*(x^2+3)-(x^2+2*x+1)*2*x)/(x^2+3)^2
here some Brackets around the first 2*x+2 are missing and making the result faulty
enter fungtion: (x^2+2x+1)/(x^2+3)
   or function: ((x^2)+2x+1)/((x^2)+3)
press the button "differentiate"
in the new opened window press "calculate"
correct 1st differentiation for both functions is shown in KALKULES-online with

In Facebook you say, that all the differentiation tool was new written from the scratch for the online-version. Maybe this one should be implemented into the offline-Version too.

Uwe Reisinger
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