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0000166KalkulesToolspublic2020-03-13 02:252020-03-13 02:25
normalmajorhave not tried
PCWIN10 PRO x641909 B_18363.657 
0000166: Exception windows + Product will not open
win10Pro X64 Version 1909 (OS Build 18363.657)
great product! I like this calculator.
That being said I have encountered a problem with starting KALKULEL v1.11.1.28

starting program results in these windows =
Exception EinvalidOperation in module Kalkules.exe at 00078982. Cannot focus a disabled or invisible window.

closing the above window produces this next window =
Access violation at address 66F33940. Read of address 66F33940

Thank you for your time. I have a visual disorder and I hope I typed this clearly.
Install Kalkules then open program.
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